We ask that every family volunteer to do at least one thing during the season but encourage you to do more.  

Listed below are descriptions of volunteer needs.  Contact any Board member (“About Us” tab) to volunteer.

Club Board Positions

There are nine Board positions outlined in the club’s By-laws:

  • President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Field Coordinator, Uniform/spirit wear coordinator, Varsity Team Manager, JV Team Manager, Fundraiser Coordinator
  • Very important “unofficial” positions: Asst. Varsity Team Manager, Asst. JV Team Mgr, Website Communications, Varsity Game Photographer, JV Game Photographer
Game Day Volunteers

Home games require:

  • volunteers to set-up/clean-up field;
  • two scorekeepers to record stats,
  • a spotter to call play action,
  • a timer to run the game clock;
  • team manager (or other volunteer) to assist on player sideline to refill team drink bottles and watch for injuries;
  • “shaggers”: 1-2 people to retrieve out-of-bounds balls and maintain a ball supply along end lines;
  • game day drink volunteer to fill and bring team water and Gatorade jugs to the field;
  • lots of cheering fans

Away games require:

  • two scorekeepers
  • a spotter as backup to home spotter,
  • team manager (or other volunteer) on player sideline,
  • game day drink volunteer to fill and bring team water and Gatorade jugs to the field;
  • lots of cheering fans.
Team Dinner Hosts and Helpers

As a tradition, each team shares dinner multiple times throughout the season as a way to promote team spirit and bonding.  Dates are set by the Board and we ask volunteers to host a dinner and for others to help the hosts provide the meal.

End of the Season Banquet

To celebrate the season, we have a family potluck dinner at Centennial.  Volunteers are needed to coordinate decorations, food, and maintain buffet table. Most of the planning is done by the Board and we ask everyone to help clean-up.

Club Fundraisers

In order to keep player fees reasonably affordable, fundraising each season is a must to cover all costs. Expectations are that every family to help with fundraising and there are usually several opportunities to participate each season. New suggestions and ideas for fundraising are welcomed! Please contact the Fundraiser Coordinator Ron Stroup if you would like to join the Fundraising Committee.